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1.0.1 released

Written by Mooneer Salem on Sunday 8th of February, 2009 in Releases

Kite 1.0.1 has been released.

New in this release:

  • -Werror removed from default compile flags due to problems with compiles on some versions of GCC.
  • Boehm GC now "required" to compile Kite. If one desires, --without-gc can be passed in to use the built-in reference count system instead.
  • microregex: fixed captures issue.
  • list behavior modifications: |append and op+ create new lists instead of modifying current list (and << modifies existing list) [patch and request by Michael Edgar]
  • Classes added to base distribution: System.array, interface.pop3, interface.smtp,, System.digest (credit: Michael Edgar)
  • list|sort method added (credit: Michael Edgar)
  • Regular expressions can now be specified with r/.../[i] syntax instead of explicitly creating a System.regex object.
  • Fixed infinite loop issue with empty delimiter in String.split.
  • Added support for strings using single quotes.
  • Added hex, octal and binary representations of numbers to Kite syntax, and liberalized the representation of floating-point numbers.
  • Sockets now support timeouts. [patch and request by Michael Edgar]


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