Kite Programming Language


Kite is a programming language designed to minimize as much of the programmer experience as possible — quick development, fast execution with low CPU and memory usage. Of course, there's more to kite than that, so lets get started on a real introduction.

On being unique

Kite's syntax is different from most languages, if you're used to your curly braces, indented blocks or end statements, you're in for a little surprise. But hey, cheer up, change is good!

I'm so sick of the usual introduction guides, so I've decided to skip the mundane "Hello World" demonstrations that everyone seems to enjoy writing and skip right to the juicy part:

class Test [
	property value,
	construct() [
		this.value = "";
	operator lshift(value) [
		this.value = this.value + value;
	method print() [

tester = make Test();
tester << "foo";
tester << "bar";

# Output:
# foobar

See? Much better than yet another "Hello World" script, in this example you've actually learned something about writing software in Kite. You should now be able to go download Kite and write anything you want.

What, that's it? Introduction over? No, not quite, the introduction is still work in progress, if you have any suggestions please make them known, I'll be listening.

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Written by Mooneer Salem on Saturday 22nd of March, 2008