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3.1.5 Documentation strings

Kite has built-in support for documentation strings. How to write

Documentation strings begin with /[ and end with /]. The string can span multiple lines. Example:

     /[Top of file]/
     class Test /[A class.]/ [
         property prop /[A property.]/,
         construct() /[A constructor.]/ [
         destruct() /[A destructor.]/ [
         operator plus(rhs)
         method x(
             arg /[A method argument.]/
         ) /[A method.]/
     ]; Generating documentation

To generate documentation, use System.doc|generate_doc():

     import "System.doc";
     import "your.package";
     out = make System.doc.outputters.html_outputter();
     doc = System.doc|generate_doc(your.package);

An example of kdoc documentation (generated from System.doc) can be found at Supported constructs

The following constructs can have documentation strings: