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3.1.4 Method calls and dereferencing

Unlike in other languages, there is a syntactic difference between dereferencing an object and calling a method on an object. The dot (.) operator dereferences a class and returns the contents:

     x =;

The pipe (|), on the other hand, dereferences the method and then calls it with the arguments and object given:


Any arguments passed to the method are within the parenthesis (which are optional if no arguments are being passed). For methods not defined in a class, the parenthesis are required for Kite to determine whether you want the method object or to call the method.

Inside of a class, if you wish to call the version of a function that is inside a parent class, you may do so by prepending the parent class's name. For example:

     class a [
         method x() [ ... ]
     class b from a [
         method x() [ ...; a|x(); ... ]
     y = make b();

The special __construct__ method can also be used to reference parent (or your own) constructors.