Data Fields

kite_object_t Struct Reference

#include <kite_object.h>

Data Fields

enum kite_object_type_t type
union {
   long   intvalue
   double   floatvalue
   struct {
      int   length
      char *   string
   }   stringvalue
   struct {
      struct kite_object_t *   car
      struct kite_object_t *   cdr
      struct kite_object_t *   iterator
   }   listvalue
   kite_function_t   funcvalue
   kite_thread_t *   threadvalue
struct {
   char *   name
   char *   docstring
   struct kite_object_t *   inherit_from
   kite_symtab_t *   properties

Detailed Description

Representation of an object/class in the Kite object system.

See also:
struct kite_thread_t
struct kite_function_t
struct kite_symtab_t

Field Documentation

Current list element

Next list element

Documentation for given class.

Referenced by kite_destruct_object_nofree(), kite_get_docstring(), and kite_set_docstring().

Associated floating-point value.

Referenced by kite_boolean_object(), kite_int_object(), and kite_string_object().

Associated integer value.

Referenced by kite_boolean_object(), kite_float_object(), kite_int_object(), and kite_string_object().

Current iterator position

String length.

struct { ... } kite_object_t::listvalue

String value.

Thread value.

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