objs/kite_list.c File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include "kite_object.h"


int kite_list_count (kite_thread_t *thd, kite_object_t *obj)
void kite_append_list (kite_thread_t *thd, kite_object_t *list, kite_object_t *obj)

Function Documentation

void kite_append_list ( kite_thread_t thd,
kite_object_t list,
kite_object_t obj 

Append an item to the end of a list.

thd The current thread.
list The list to operate on.
obj The object to insert.

References kite_object_t::builtin_data, kite_new_list(), kite_reference_object(), and kite_object_t::listvalue.

Referenced by kite_new_method_bytecode_with_docs(), and kite_new_method_compiled_with_docs().

int kite_list_count ( kite_thread_t thd,
kite_object_t obj 

Find the number of items in a list.

thd The current thread.
obj The objet to operate on.
The number of items in the list.

References kite_object_t::builtin_data, kite_object_t::listvalue, and kite_object_t::type.

Referenced by kite_vm_call_constructor(), and kite_vm_call_method().

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